Our City Madrid: Places to Visit We Can’t Wait to See Again

Around the world in the last few months, staying at home has had to become the new normal for millions of people.

At Minimum Squared we’ve still been able to make and ship our wallets because ours is a family business where we make everything by hand.

At the moment it feels more important than ever to support small businesses and
independents so we wanted to tell you about some bits of Madrid that a guide book might not.

Meet the places that capture the spirit of the city we love. We can’t wait to visit them again.

The Best Ice Cream in Madrid

When Madrid gets really hot, ice cream is an essential and Mistura is one of our favourite places to find it. Amazing service and a great variety of toppings make this a must-visit. Il Bosco Dei Gelati is another great spot we’re looking forward to going back to and working our way through the menu of delicious flavours.

For freshly baked blueberry and apple cinnamon muffins, we like to head to artisan baker Brown Bear Bakery or try Vanille Bakery Lab where you’ll see the bread made firsthand on the tiny little premises.

Vanille Bakery Lab Madrid

Our Favourite Restaurants and Cafés in Madrid

For outstanding service and delicious coffee roasted on-site, we love to go to Cafés Guayacan. The coffee shop itself is tiny but the coffee is superb and comes from small fairtrade coffee farms which we’re happy to support.

If we’re out for dinner with friends we’ll head to a small restaurant like Periplo, a tiny authentic Greek restaurant with a delicious Moussaka on the menu. The owners here import most of their ingredients directly from Greece and their Greek yoghurt with homemade jam is to die for.

Periplo Greek Resturant Madrid
When we’re in the mood for pizza, we’ll go to Piccola Napoli as they serve up the most authentic Italian pizza from Naples. Sometimes we’ll treat ourselves to Japanese tea and cakes on a lazy Sunday afternoon at Wagashi Utatane or maybe try Tori Key for some famous Japanese Yakitori.

If you want to see the very best Spanish products that Madrid has to offer then head to Anton Martin Market. You’ll be spoilt for choice with an abundance of cheese, meats, fresh fruit and veg and tasty things to eat all on offer.

Wagashi Utatane Japanese Bistro

Madrid’s Best Places to Visit

One of our favourite places to visit, right in the centre of Madrid, is Parque de Oeste. It might not be as famous as the Retiro but it’s not as crowded either and makes a great place for a family walk or picnic. On Sundays you’ll find friends hanging out together, perhaps in the beautiful rose garden and in Spring or Summer it makes the perfect place for some relaxation in the city.

Plaza Olavide is a lively square surrounded by bars and restaurants with a playground in the centre. It’s a great place to soak up a bit of ambience on a Summer night when the terraces buzz with friends meeting up for drinks. In the mornings or afternoons you can take your pick of places for lunch with friends but we like to stop for a great coffee at Cafeteando or delicious ice cream at Zuccaru.

If we’re in search of some cultural inspiration we’ll visit the Fundacion Juan March, a hub for all kinds of activities, or the Fundacion Canal de Isabel II you’ll often find concerts or contemporary exhibitions happening here, or we'll head to the Fundacion Infante de Orleans on a Sunday in the Spring or Summer. It hosts a spectacular historic airplane show and there’s also a wonderful open-air museum of old airplanes.

Fundacion Infante de Orleans
For now, just like cities across Europe, our favourite places to visit in Madrid are mostly closed and waiting for the visitors to be able to return. But when the time comes, we’ll be at the front of the line to give them our support and help bring our city back to life.

We’d love to know, where are the places you’re most looking forward to returning to?

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