5 Iconic Minimalist Products From the Last Thirty Five Years

When asked whether minimalism was part philosophy, fashion, art, lifestyle or even religion, legendary minimalist architect John Pawson replied that it is all of them. The art of minimalism is to shift your mindset, holding on to the things that make you feel full and investing in things that are beautiful, useful and built to last.

The 5 minimalist products we feature here were all designed in the last 35 years and some are having a radical effect on the world around us. We believe that they are all iconic, not only by design but in the thought process behind them.

1. The Stitch Chair by Adam Goodrum for Cappellini


This folding chair by Australian designer Adam Goodrum for Cappellini is made from laser cut aluminium. Once collapsed, it folds completely flat to less than an inch, using piano hinges along several sides. 

We love the chair for its functionality, playful personality and clever use of materials. It’s ideal for modern minimalists who want to explore the world and are not attached to any one place or rigid way of living.

2. Max Bill Watch for Junghans

Based on the original design of Max Bill, this watch beautifully represents the fine balance between form and function.

Max Bill was a renowned Swiss designer, architect and student of the Bauhaus and began his collaboration with German watchmakers Junghans in 1956. Mixing clean lines and simple geometry the watch is a modern take on Bill’s original vision.

We love it for its precision, crispness and fine engineering.

Junghaus Max Bill Chronoscope Watch

 3. Erco Lucy Desk Lamp by Franco Clivio

The Erco Lucy is the epitome of minimalist design when it comes to lighting. Taking a cue from the historic roots of Erco, established in Germany in 1934, we feel this light is incredibly relevant today as proven by it’s presence on many an architect’s desk.

Manufactured by Erco in 1995, Swiss designer Franco Clivio came up with this magnificent design, where two aluminum arms are connected together by a hinge and a visible connecting strut that, together with internal springs, provides stabilization. The integral cables that are only visible at the hinged joints is just an example of the detailed design of this desk lamp.

Erco Lucy Desk Lamp

3. Lotus Elise S1

Impressive in its engineering, the Elise chassis is made by extruded aluminium sections joined by glue and rivets making an incredibly lightweight and rigid platform to build a car on top of.

Since it’s inception in the mid 90’s, the chassis has barely changed at all and still uses the bonded structure that made it so revolutionary in the first place.

With an interior design stripped back to the basics we think it’s a perfect example of iconic automotive design.

Lotus Elise S1

 5. Mackintosh

The Mackintosh coat does, in fact, have a heritage of over 250 years, but during the last two decades has continued to be a truly iconic item, re-imagined for the present day.

Fusing master craftsmanship with clean lines and their signature rubberised cotton fabric, Mackintosh endures as a symbol of British minimalist design that’s known all over the world.

Mackintosh raincoat

Of course, when it comes to an iconic minimalist wallet, that has to be our own : )

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