Minimalist Wallet

The design:
Our minimalist wallet is not like other wallets. Rather than having a bulky seam along the sides, our wallet is hand stitched on the back, meaning it’s slimmer by up to 15mm.
All the easier to fit into pockets or jackets to grab at a moment’s notice.
The minimalist wallet has one pocket that holds up to 7 cards and one sleeve for folded notes. The wallet is held securely with classic or bright elastic.

The leather:
Folded by hand in famous American Horween Chromexcel leather, one of the most durable leathers available. Hand finished and stitched with German Ritza 25 waxed thread that just gets better with time.

The details:
Filled with 5 cards the minimalist elastic wallet measures
90 x 59 x 10 mm / 3.5 x 2.3 x 0.4 in (approx.)

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