What wallet is the most adequate for me?
Check the decision making diagram below! If you still have questions or want our opinion on colour combination or specific using conditions drop us a line using the contact form or to hello@minimumsquared.com.

 leather wallet selection chart

Does my currency fit into the Slim Leather Wallet/Slim Elastic Wallet?
All the currencies that we've tried fit without the need of previous folding, if you find any international note that doesn't fit please let us know!

Below a list of the most common currencies and their dimensions:

international currency size chart


How many cards can each minimum squared wallet design hold? 
Slim Card Holder: Max. 5 cards
Minimalist Wallet: Max. 7 cards + slot for folded notes/receipts
Slim Elastic Wallet/ Slim Leather Wallet: Max. 10 cards + slot for notes/receipts without previous folding

How should I take care of the leather?
Leather care is a very much discussed matter and everybody has different opinions, please check our Journal entry on this topic.

What is the difference between the Slim Elastic Wallet and the Slim Leather Wallet?
Slim Elastic Wallet is made with veg tanned goat leather from the British tannery Harmatan in Northamptonshire, UK. It is a supple leather, very soft to the touch. The Slim Elastic Wallet has an elastic closure; it might come handy if you plan to carry the wallet in a big open space like a tote bag/shoulder bag. It has won a Red Dot Design Award in Germany due to its innovative design that provides a very compact layout of the cards and notes and a quick and easy access to them.
Slim Leather Wallet is made with the famous American Horween leather, made in Chicago from 1905, that develops a beautiful patina over time. The Slim Leather Wallet is an evolution of the Red Dot Awarded Slim Elastic Wallet and has no elastic, as we found it is not needed in most uses (trouser pockets, jacket pockets, small backpack pockets, etc.)

What if the elastic gets loose over time or my wallet unstitches? Do you offer any warranty?
Sure we do!! Currently we offer a 3 year warranty on thread and elastic, no questions asked! Elastic design is already thought to be easy serviceable as it is not sewn onto the leather as most designs on the market are, but instead the elastic is sewn onto itself, making a loop. Just in case you find a hassle sending your wallet to us if ever the elastic comes loose we can send you a ready to sew elastic (no previous hand sewing skills needed for this task...we promise!!!).

How long does it take for my order to arrive?
We need 1-2 working days to prepare and ship your order, custom orders take some more days (usually 5-7 working days depending on the time of the year). Precise shipping times are not under our control but in our experiences are as follow:

Within Europe

Standard service - approx. 1 week
Express service - approx. 2-3 days

Rest of the World

Standard service - approx. 2-3 weeks
Express service - approx. 3-5 days

Is there any advantage or difference in the hand stitching used on the minimum squared wallets vs machine sewing?
Yes there is!

1.- It is a more resistant construction method. We use the saddle stitching technique with two needles and just one thread that interlocks with itself whereas the machine sewing uses two threads. Albeit being a very sturdy way of stitching and us using the best threads available on the market, French Fil au Chinois and German Ritza 25. See the pictures below for a more visual explanation:

hand stitching vs machine sewing

2.- Stitching by hand allows us more flexibility in the design, that translates into being able to adjust the designs to be as compact as possible and taking less space in your pockets.

3.- Hand stitching takes much more time than machine sewing, that means connection with each one of the wallets we make in our workshop. Also hand stitching is beautiful, very beautiful indeed, and in a product that you will hold in your hands every single day for many years we think it is an important factor to consider.

If you didn't find an answer to your questions in this FAQ or you need some clarification write us using the contact form or send us an email to hello@minimumsquared.com

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