The Perfect Wallet

The journey of Minimum Squared began with the search to find the smallest and most functional wallet.

After two years of obsessive looking, and with the search still not over, we came up with another solution.
We’d make our own.


Award-winning, Simple Design

Based on an original idea we came up with on an aeroplane, we began meticulously folding paper to find the perfect design.

We worked, origami style, folding and testing all kinds of materials until we came up with the minimalist and slim wallets we make today. The Red Dot Awards liked it so much that in 2016, they gave us a prestigious award for international design excellence.


Crafted With Soul

Smaller than any other on the market, we hand make each wallet in our workshop in Spain. We use the most durable leathers available on the market that only get better with time.

We love beautiful materials, engineered precision and edges that line up neatly. Our wallets exist to make modern life easier. We believe simple is better.


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