How Precision Engineering Inspires the Perfect Minimalist Wallet

In this month’s journal, co-founder and designer Adrian, tells us how his background in mechanical engineering has influenced Minimum Squared.

From a high-end mechanical watch to a factory production line, find out how these influences have shaped the creation of the perfect minimalist wallet.

More Than a Wallet

“I see the wallets we make as a tool, rather than a fashion item. Most of the time your wallet is hidden in a pocket and I like that because it means that people don’t really notice it and they can’t put a tag on you because of it.

I see our product as something that customers can buy for themselves and get enjoyment from. There’s a friend of mine who tells me whenever I see him that when he puts his hand in his pocket and touches the wallet he just feels happy.

I’m assuming that's because it’s loaded with cash…! But actually this story makes a point. I hope that Minimum Squared wallets really mean something to our customers in terms of design, quality and function that it’s more than a changing fashion statement.”

 On Craftsmanship

“Crafting something with your hands is good, but as an engineer I value things that function really well, whether they’re made by machine or by hand.

We choose to make our wallets by hand for two main reasons; the first being that we can make a much stronger, long-lasting item. We hand stitch with a saddle stitch and it makes a seam on leather that’s far more resistant than one made with a machine.

The second reason we work by hand is because of how much flexibility it gives us in the making process. It’s allowed us to make really narrow seams for the smallest wallet possible and you can see that especially on our card holder. None of our designs could be sewn with a machine and retain the kind of compact dimensions we’re striving for.

When it comes to actually putting the wallet together, accuracy is everything.

We use a leather thinning machine because our designs are folded and leather straight from the tannery is too thick for that. Each pattern and hole has to be precisely cut so that all the pieces align perfectly for the needle and thread to pass through.”

On Inspiration

“The things that inspire me have this in common; they are all precision designed, engineered and assembled with enormous skill.

I love USM Haller furniture. It’s a classic Swiss design and still made today. The different parts are manufactured precisely in a factory, but when it comes to assembly it’s all done by hand. Everything has to conform to the design, but it still has that handmade element.

High-end mechanical watches are an inspiration too. They are incredibly complicated pieces of engineering and the level of craftsmanship needed in construction is huge.

Race car engines are another example. They’re computer designed and manufactured with high precision machinery, but each motor is mounted by hand by a skilled technician.

There’s something about that mix of precision, technology and skill with hands that is always inspiring. It’s these kinds of basic engineering principles that we apply to the design of each wallet we make at Minimum Squared.”

For the perfect minimalist wallet, inspired by precision engineering and handmade with craftsmanship, just visit our shop here.

Precision Engineering Inspires the Perfect Minimalist Wallet

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