How to Travel Light for Business

If you’ve ever wondered how to travel light for business, you don’t need to struggle with bulky bags. After all, we’ve all seen the man who knows how to travel light. While everyone else is waiting at the baggage claim, he’s breezing through the airport with lightweight shoes and just one piece of carry-on luggage.

At Minimum Squared, we believe that minimalist, well-designed and efficient doesn’t just apply to the wallets we make, but to travelling too. Read on to find out how to gain more flexibility, freedom and far less stress next time you travel for business.

How to Travel Light for Business for a Week

If you want to travel light for a week’s business trip, you only really need to pack for three days. Be realistic and limit items that aren’t necessities. Are you really going to go swimming in the hotel pool?

Make use of pockets and compartments to keep yourself organised. It’s essential that you can reach straight for your wallet or tickets just when you need them without having to look through your luggage. If you have a bulkier item like a jacket, then wear or carry it with you onto the plane so that it doesn’t take up valuable space in your bag.

When it’s time to pack don’t just throw it all in the bag and hope for the best. Lay out items of similar sizes carefully across the width of your bag and be inventive with space. Could cables or a small washbag fit inside one of your shoes?

What to Take

Slim Leather Wallet in Horween Dublin Leather
Adrian, designer-in-chief at Minimum Squared, is a frequent traveller and has some great ideas on what to pack if you want to travel light for business.

He opts for mini versions of toiletries, like these miniature razors from Taylor of Old Bond Street, and because books and laptops can be so heavy, recommends you take as much as you can on a digital tablet or iPod.

Adrian loves his Bose Noise Cancelling In-ear headphones which take up so much less space than over-head versions.

Of course he never travels without the perfect minimalist wallet either. Every way that you can reduce bulk and make life easier when you travel will make for the best possible trip.

Taylor of Old Bond Street razor with custom Horween Chromexcel case

How to Pack Light and Look Good 

Rolling shirts and packing them in layers not only helps to reduce creases, but it’s easy to see at a glance what you have. If you’re staying in a hotel, make use of the laundry service to reduce on the number of things you take along with you.

Think carefully about how you can mix and match your clothes and choose neutrals that are easily interchanged and will work well with one another.

The key item that will really keep your clothes in good shape is the bag you choose to travel with. There are so many options on the market, but at Minimum Squared, we think you won’t find better than the MEI Executive Overnighter Backpack.

Soft bags are easier to negotiate with an airline on size and measurements and there are no wheels to take up valuable space either. In particular the MEI backpack is superbly crafted, designed and a dream to travel with.

Finish off your packing with Vivobarefoot shoes which are supremely lightweight, super comfortable and take up barely any luggage space. You’re ready to go.

What do you take when you’re travelling light for business? Leave us a comment and let us know.

How to Travel Light for Business

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