Best Ideas for Family Summer Travel with Minimum Fuss

Sometimes family summer holidays demand almost as many compromises as the monthly staff meeting. You want everyone to have fun, but you don’t want to spend all holiday buried under sand. So how can you make sure the annual family summer holiday is a crowd-pleaser – but also stress-free?

At Minimum Squared we believe leisure time should be fuss-free and uncomplicated. Just like our wallets. Here are our ideas for fuss-free family Summer travel.

Perfect Family Summer Travel Destinations

Our homeland, Spain, has some of the best child-friendly beaches there are, making it one of Europe's best family holiday destinations.

For adult and child-friendly activities, you can’t beat Fuerteventura. With shallow water, and a laid-back vibe, this island is ideal for kids. Book a hotel with a babysitting service and enjoy a midnight dinner date – or relive your youth to Canary Islands beats.

Fuerteventura Beach Chipmunk

Family-friendly festivals are also a great way to do what you want to do without children whining. Camp Bestival in the UK gives children of all ages a chance to let off steam while their folks enjoy classic artists. At Latvia’s Positivus Festival, funk, pop, electro, and theatre performances all play out among the pine forests. If folk’s more your thing, check out the Calgary Folk Festival in Canada while the kids go wild in the cardboard box city.

If you’ve always been the adventurous sort, there’s no reason to shun thrilling destinations now you’ve got little ones in tow. In Belize, you can safely explore tropical rainforests and stumble upon ancient pyramids. For older kids, a thrilling four-day hike along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu will be an experience they’ll never forget.

How to Keep Safe and Stylish

While no one wants to think about what can go wrong, it’s never a good idea to ignore safety precautions. Check travel advice before you go, and that you’ve got travel insurance. It’s also a good idea to keep emergency contacts in your wallet – give a copy to the children too.

A bum bag can immediately mark you out as a tourist. They are undeniably useful, but you could be a target for unwanted trouble. Our Slim Wallets and Card Holders slip seamlessly into your jacket or trouser pocket, keeping your cards, notes, and important details safe. You’ll look pretty smart too.

m^2 handmade leather wallet red dot design award

Avoiding Annoying Currency Fees

Gone are the days of having to order holiday money in advance. Many banks offer no-fee bank cards so shop around to find the best deal. Avoid currency exchanges - especially at the airport. When withdrawing cash from an ATM or paying by card, choose to pay in the local currency and you'll avoid hefty fees. Transferwise and Revolut can also be used with their own credit cards, so that’s an option worth to be checked.

Packing for a Family Summer Holiday

Once you’ve chosen the best holiday destination for your family, packing presents its own set of problems. Space is limited, and you might have to compromise. Keep it simple and don’t overpack – you’ll need less than you think.

Check out previous journal entries on how to travel light for business and creating a minimalist men's capsule wardrobe. You’ll find some useful tips that are also helpful for leisure travel.

Just because your home is packed into a suitcase for a couple of weeks, there’s no need to sacrifice style in the name of space. Our handmade wallets will keep things dapper and hassle-free while you’re on your summer holiday.

Shop our collection of minimalist leather wallets here.

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