Getting the Best from Your Handmade Leather Goods

When you’ve got places to be and people to meet, looking after what you own is probably the last thing on your mind.

Minimum Squared is about handmade leather goods that last. We work with the highest quality leather because it’s one of the most durable materials around. We’re focused on making you the very best product that we can because we think life is better when it’s simple.

Here are three ways to keep your leather wallet working hard and looking good for years to come.

Respect the History of Leather

We select the highest quality leathers for our wallets and over time they just get better, darkening into a beautiful patina.

When you remember that leather is a skin, it makes it easier to understand how it ages and how to care for it. Just as sunlight and extreme temperatures dry out and crack our own skin, you can expect the same to happen to leather.

Of course, the occasional scuff is going to happen over time, but for us that’s part of leather’s appeal. As the leather takes on the form of your own pocket or a tiny scratch, it starts to reflect your own personal stories of travel and adventure.

Treat Your Handmade Leather Goods Right

The best place to keep a leather wallet is somewhere cool and dark. Your jacket pocket or a bag made from breathable material is perfect. Stay away from plastic bags or pockets where you run the risk of encouraging mould to grow.

To make the leather shine, take a fine horsehair brush to your wallet, then clean with a damp cloth and brush again. If you’re just too busy for that, then a quick wipe down will get rid of the dust and particles which speed up wear and tear.

Whatever you do, don’t ever use soap. It strips away leather’s natural oils, causing dryness and cracking.

Regularly applying polish or Venetian Shoe Cream to your handmade leather wallet will bring back it’s luster too. If you’re not sure about what product to buy, then in general, the milder it is, the better for the leather.

Apply polish with your finger in circular motions to keep the leather soft and supple and if you think you’re going to forget, just set yourself a three-monthly reminder on your phone or calendar. 

If you get caught in a downpour and your wallet gets wet, putting it on a radiator or other intense source of heat is a bad idea. When it’s really hot, leather will crack, stiffen and shrink.

If getting caught in the rain happens regularly (and umbrellas aren’t your style), you might want to use a waterproofing wax once a year. 

Let Your Handmade Leather Wallet Simplify Your Life

If leather becomes stretched then you’ll never get it back to its shape, so be careful about stuffing too many bills and cards into your wallet. It’s a great excuse to declutter – after all, do you really need that doughnut shop loyalty card you picked up last year in New York?

Our wallet usage tips page features handy videos with suggestions on how to store your cards and notes, avoiding damage and getting the most from your wallet.

The Minimum Squared Guarantee

Although our leathers are incredibly durable, elastic or thread naturally wears over time. Because we believe in well-built goods and minimal consumption, every wallet we sell is covered by a 3-year warranty.

If your wallet ever needs a repair you can send it back to our workshop in Spain. We’ll restore it back to life for a small fee and you’ll have the wallet you love for more years to come.


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