Materials From Our Workshop: Horween Leather & Fil Au Chinois Thread

When it comes to choosing leather at Minimum Squared, you could say we’re hard to please. We’re committed to working with only the very best, most sustainable materials. That’s why we choose Horween leather to make several of our wallets.

Horween leather might be world-famous, but it’s also one of our favourites, along with a couple of world-class materials we never get tired of using. Here’s why.

horween-chromexcel-leather(Source: Horween)

The Story of Horween Leather

The Horween Leather Company is based in Chicago and has been making the world’s best leather for over 100 years. From it’s beginning in 1905, the leathers were worked by hand, and that’s still the same today.

We love Horween Chromexcel because it’s one of the most versatile and durable leathers around. Over time, the leather develops patina and character in a beautiful way. It’s leather that’s built to last, supple and easy to work with, and just keeps on getting better as it ages.

It’s perfect for us as we strive to make the most long-lasting leather wallets that we can.

Making Chromexcel leather at Horween takes time and is a complicated process, but these guys don’t cut corners. Horween is the last word in old world craftmanship and time-honoured tanning, brought into the modern day with our superbly engineered and simple wallet.

British leather, Spanish Craftmanship

Another of our favourite materials is Harmatan and Oakridge goat leather from Northamptonshire in the UK. The quality is exceptional, making it perfect for our slim elastic wallet.

The smoothness and durability of this leather is thanks to local, free-range goats and makes a product that gets even better with age.


Saddle Stitch With Fil Au Chinois and Ritza Thread

For our Horween leather wallets, we hand stitch with German Ritza 25 polyester waxed thread. This is thread of superior construction that’s finely braided, strong and durable. 

We don’t rely on sewing machines in our workshop, but use a saddle stitch technique and sew by hand. Apart from looking good, hand stitching makes much stronger, more durable seams and has been hugely important in us making one of the slimmest leather wallets on the market.

For hand stitching our goat leather, we choose Fil Au Chinois Lin Câblé waxed linen thread. For nearly 200 years, Au Chinois has become a symbol of French cultural and industrial heritage. We’re proud to use it on our wallets and to be a part of what it represents.


Sustainable Materials for the Future

From Horween leather to our Kraft cardboard packaging, we want the wallets that we make and the materials that we use to be sustainable long term. We use renewable electricity in our workshop and we’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the world we live in.

We choose leathers and materials forged through craftmanship, then mix them with high-end laser technology. The result is a collection of wallets that are simple, functional and of exceptional quality.


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