How to Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle in 4 Simple Steps

Minimalism doesn’t stop at the type of products we buy. It’s also a way of life.

Identifying what’s essential in a product is the essence of Minimum Squared and integral to our design. Simplicity, quality and function are at the heart of everything we create, and incorporating this mindset into our thinking can lead to more streamlined lives.

So, how exactly do we put this simple minimalist lifestyle into practice?

Set Yourself a Personal Goal

The important word here is ‘personal’ - deciding what it is exactly that you want to get out of living with minimalist values. In turn, that will help you know how to achieve it.

For different people this kind of living means different things. It could simply mean having fewer clothes or clearing your house and life of things you don’t really need. Think about your objective. If you’re looking for some home inspiration, we wrote about some minimalist architects whose approach we admire.

Declutter Your Life

Removing things from our lives is much easier said than done and it’s where the idea of becoming minimalist really comes into practice.

Start by looking at groups of items in your house: books, clothes, toys or whatever it may be. Ask yourself whether you’ve used the item in the last 3 months or if you’ll use it in the next. It’s a quick and simple way to identify what’s truly necessary.

Reduce your wardrobe by turning all your hangers in one direction and as you use an item, return the hanger the opposite way. During the course of 6 months you’ll see which clothes you use and you can get rid of the ones you don’t.

Take inspiration from this past blog and create a capsule wardrobe. Emptying your physical spaces will help clear your mental space.

Transition to Minimalism In Every Area of Your Life

Minimalism is about reducing in all areas of our lives and living a minimalist lifestyle can even apply to how we spend our money. Cutting down our regular, monthly outgoings can help simplify our lives by taking out some of the mental clutter and curbing our habit of accumulating.

Sit down and identify the extras which you might be able to live without; the morning coffees or the credit card you never use. Try stopping them for a month and work out what you need and what you don’t. You’ll soon be living a much lighter way of life.

Apply Minimalist Thinking Before You Buy

An important step in moving to a more minimalist lifestyle is thinking about how you buy. Before buying something, ask yourself ‘Do I really need this?’.

If possible, move from quantity to quality, investing in items which are built to last rather than just seasonal. Our Slim Leather Wallet embodies quality and durability and is the best minimalist wallet for anybody looking for a simple product to slip into their life.

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