Leather Key Organizer

The design:
This simple leather key organizer is the minimalist, no-fuss answer to keeping keys. It features high-quality made in the USA screw fixings and leather washers to fasten up to 5 keys.

Engineered with a superb quality leather strap, a spring washer keeps the screw in perfect tension so keys stay put.

The leather:
Made from super-durable American Horween leather.

The details:
65 x 20mm / 2.5 x 0.8in (approx.)
Screw post of 5.2mm/0.2in diameter 
Made in the USA machined solid brass screws (available finishes: brass, nickel plate, copper plate)
Packaged in a Japanese Midori envelope

- Post diameter is 0.52mm / 0.2in, please check your key hole diameter for compatibility
- 4x Leather washers are included with each key organizer to use with non-flat keys. For standard flat keys, the use of the leather washers is not required
- 1x Spring washer is included with each key organizer in order to avoid/minimize screw loosening. It is recommended to place the spring washer between two keys (so the spring washer is not in contact with leather).

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