The Best Men's Slim Leather Wallet

Here in Spain, just as the rest of Europe was packing away Christmas lights and decorations, another round of gift giving started on January 6th with the Festival of the Three Kings, but now we are back in full mode :) 

In times when the climate is so high on the global agenda, here at Minimum Squared we believe the best gifts should be durable, high quality and built to last. That’s why our most innovative wallet is not only the leanest, it’s made with a standard of craftsmanship to last for years to come.

Why a Slim Wallet is About More Than Just Looking Good

The obvious advantage of switching to a slimmer wallet is how it looks. There’s no way to make a bulky wallet look elegant in your pocket, no matter how smart your trousers.

But focusing on style only tells half the story. A chunky wallet carried in the back pocket prevents its wearer from sitting down evenly. This puts stress on the hips and lumbar region, pinching the sciatic nerves. Don’t believe us? This phenomenon is so common, it’s earned itself the nickname ‘wallet sciatica’.

Simply switching to the front pocket isn’t much better. This pinches the skin on the thighs, becoming particularly uncomfortable when you’re sitting down in the office or car.

Big wallets also seem to attract more clutter and you’ll quickly find yourself carrying around far more bits of paper and cards than you could ever need.

minimum squared wallet vs Iphone

Engineering a Slimmer Wallet

We got so fed up with traditional wallets that we set out to design the slimmest wallet possible, without compromising on usability.

What started life as a quick sketch on a flight became an award-winning, rule-defying wallet. By engineering a clever origami folding technique and replacing bulky seams with saddle stitching, we’ve created a wallet much thinner than traditional types.

Our original wallet, the slim elastic wallet, has the largest capacity, despite its diminutive size. Holding ten cards, it features four pockets and a note sleeve big enough for international currencies. An elastic closure – with monochrome and contrast options – make it ideal for travelling loose in your bag.
This original design then inspired our slim leather wallet. We discovered that many of our customers kept their wallet in their pocket, so omitted the elastic for this design.

The even trimmer minimalist leather wallet is designed to be easily grabbable on the go. It carries up to seven cards and folded notes. And if that’s not slim enough for you, then try our slim card holder, which holds up to five cards.

Caring for Your Handmade Leather Wallet in Winter

With harsh Winter weather, looking after your wallet is important and a couple of simple habits will help your wallet to develop a pleasing patina.

Choosing the perfect slim leather wallet for yourself or a gift is an investment and if treated with respect you can find something that will last for many years to come. In classic Minimum Squared style, our simple flowchart helps you find the very best choice

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